31 December, 2011

Submit Your Articles on Digg

The internet offers people around the world with a very easy and affordable way to both access, and share information with each other. As more websites come into existence that serve as sources of news, articles, blog postings, image resources and others, they are paving the way for another type of website: A website that tracks and compiles these types of data into one easily accessible source that is free to all users.The largest website that is currently doing this is called Digg—where millions of users submit articles, blogs, images and news stories every second, all for the world to share. These steps will show you how easy it is to submit your own posts on Digg, and share them with the world.
How to Submit Articles on Digg
1. Register at the website for a user account. You will need a valid email address in order to register and start posting. Visit the website and follow the prompts to register as a user.

2. Click the confirmation link in your email. Once you register you will need to open the confirmation link sent to your email in order to verify your account. Simply log in and click the confirmation link, and you will be good to go.

3. Find an article, image or blog post that you would like to submit. Search the Internet for anything that you deem relevant to submit.

4. Login to Digg and submit the post. Once you find a page that you would like to submit, simply open a new window with your internet browser and log into Digg. On the upper right-hand corner there will be a link that says, “Submit new”. Click this and it will take you to the submission page.

5. Specify whether the submission is an image, news article or other. This will take you to another page, where you will have to copy and paste the website address into the submission form. It will take a few moments for Digg to process the submission. Then it will take you to a page where you can add a title and a description. Finish filling out the form and click submit. It may think you have a duplicate article, however, if your article is original, simply click the “I swear its original” button and your post will be submitted.

Great! you also can submit your article in this site. Go to Submit Article above.

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