04 November, 2010

How to Grow a Mustache

To grow a mustache or not to grow a mustache is the question young men ask when they see their upper-lip peach fuzz. Some men have all the luck and can grow a mustache in a matter of days, while others have a harder time.

Keep the shaver away from the area between the nose and upper lip. Although some say if you shave more, the hair on your face becomes thicker, this is not always true.

Let the hair grow and shave around the area. Facial hair appears first at the corners of the upper lips. Then it covers the entire upper lip. As the mustache becomes thicker and more noticeable, trimming begins

Decide what type of mustache looks best on you. Mustaches work with the size of the man's face. Smaller faces need small mustaches. More striking, larger faces need larger or more prominent design. Ask your girlfriend or sister, perhaps even your dad or mom, about what design to display under your nose. The best person to ask is your favorite hair stylist because they understand the angles and framing of the hair in relation to the face.

Tend to your mustache daily. Keep it trimmed and combed as it grows out and gets thick.