26 February, 2011

They Help Me to Make Graph Using Excel

Here are some basic things that we should do to make graph using Excel. Because I am using Microsoft Excell 2007, these instruction told me how:-

Label the data you want to graph. In Row 1, type the labels for each piece of data you plan to graph. For example, type "Month" in cell A1 and "Units" in cell B1.

Enter the data that you want to graph. Under the labels you have set up at the top of each column, type the information you want to graph. For example, type the months of the year under the heading in Column A ("Jan" in A2) and the units under the heading in Column B, to correspond with the months in Column A.
Highlight the data for the graph. Click and drag your mouse across the data in the Excel spreadsheet.
Click on the "Insert" tab, the second tab at the top of the screen.
Locate the "Charts" section of the insert ribbon. Several types of graphs (called "charts" in Excel) are available.
Click on the type of graph you want to create. Options for that type of graph will display.
Click on the option for the graph you want Excel to make. Excel will then make a graph displaying the data you provided in the Excel spreadsheet.
Change text on the graph, if needed. If you want to change the title or other text on the graph, click on the text you want to change and then type in your changes.
That's it!!

Thanks to eHow.com