27 February, 2011

Easy Tips to Erase Your IP Address

Your computer's Internet Protocol address identifies your computer on the world wide web. When an individual has your IP address, he can trace your computer to determine your location and the name of your Internet service provider. Some websites also use your IP address to track your browsing behavior. To maintain privacy while browsing, it is a good idea to periodically erase your old IP address and obtain a new one. If you don't want to constantly erase your old IP address, another option is to hide your address entirely.

Open the MS-DOS Command Prompt on your computer. To do this, click your Windows "Start" button. Perform a search for "Command." Double-Click the "Command Prompt" to open the program
Type "ipconfig" at the blinking prompt. Press "Enter" on your keyboard. Write down your current IP address
Type "ipconfig /release all" at the prompt. Press "Enter" on your keyboard. This will erase your old IP address
Type "ipconfig /renew all" at the prompt. Press "Enter" on your keyboard. This will renew your computer's IP address. By renewing your IP address, you can assign a new IP address number to your computer.

Type "ipconfig" at the prompt. Press "Enter." Look at your IP address to see if it changed. If your IP address did not change, keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until a new IP address is assigned

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