19 December, 2010

Christmas Party ideas

Savor festive foods
Throwing a Christmas party for family and friends is a festive way to celebrate the holiday season. While sending out the invitations, decorating your house and organizing games for the party are all important, it's often the food that's the star of the show. With some organization and proper planning, you can devise a creative and tantalizing Christmas party menu your guests will talk about into the New Year

Consult your RSVP list. Determine exactly how many people will attend in order to ensure you prepare or purchase an adequate amount of food for your guests.
Determine the kind of Christmas party you plan on throwing. You can either serve hors d'oeuvres only, host a buffet or plan a formal 7-course meal.
Add an array of hors d'oeuvres, including cheese-and-cracker and vegetable trays, shrimp cocktail, egg rolls and dips to your menu, regardless of which type of Christmas party you plan on throwing. Hors d'oeuvres and other finger foods are small and portable, so guests can add some to their plate and walk around while eating.
Inquire if your guests have any food preferences or allergies, and then make the selections for your menu accordingly. Ensure you serve a few meatless options for vegetarian party guests.
Select a Christmas-themed signature cocktail to serve in addition to beer and wine.
Plan to provide a non-alcoholic drink as an alternative to the alcoholic beverages your guests will drink.
Add some Christmas cookies or pastries from your favorite bakery to your party menu. Serve them along with coffee and tea toward the end of the evening.
Ensure you have the right platters, dishes and bowls necessary to serve the food you're planning for your Christmas party. If not, make a list and purchase the items you need.

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