17 December, 2010

A melting snowman will fit right in with other funny or personable collectibles.

It's simple, it's funny, and it's awsome to make a melted snowman on Christmas as a gift to your friends and colleagues. How to do it? it's very damn simple..

Paint the rock white. Use a paint brush to get the paint into all the irregulaties on the rock's surface.
cut a circle out of the poster board. This will be the base for the melting snowman, so make sure that the circle of poster board is larger than the rock.
Glue a little onto the poster board circle. This glitter is the snow that is left on the grass, so do not sprinkle the glitter too heavily.
Cut out a small hat shape out of the black felt. The hat can be as big or as small as you like, but make sure it is clearly recognizable as a top hat.
Draw a face on the top of the rock. Use the black permanent marker, and make sure that the paint is entirely dry before you begin. Use the orange marker to draw on a carrot nose.
Glue the rock to the cardboard base. The result will look like a melting snowman staring up at you out of the grass.
Add tiny sticks or toothpicks for arms and the top hat. They can be glued to the rock itself or just lying on the ground next to the snowman, as if they fell off as he began to melt.
Write the date in small letters on the green cardboard base with the permanent marker. You can also write a message if you wish. For example, if you are giving the snowman to a teacher, you might write, "Merry Christmas Miss Jones! (Your child's name) 2008" at the bottom so she will remember who gave her the gift for years.

thanks to eHow for this awsome christmas tip