11 February, 2012

Prepare for a Singing Audition

Learn how to prepare for a singing audition in just a few easy steps. Being well prepared for an audition will ensure more confidence and an edge on the competition.

1. Select the right song. The song should be one that is challenging, yet easy for the singer to perform. The song should also fit the genre of the audition. For example, if it is a Broadway audition, a Broadway song should be sung. If it is an opera audition, a hip hop song will not be appropriate.

2. Add choreography and expression to your performance. Just a few hand motions or gestures along with facial expressions can make you stand out next to a person who just stands still and sings.

3. Practice the performance singing with choreography as much as possible. Once the vocals and choreography are memorized, try to arrange at least one practice in front of an audience. Ask a few friends or family members to be your audience and or critics. A vocal coach who can give advice for any necessary improvements is ideal.

4. Choose the right outfit. The clothes should also match the genre of music or the event for which the singer is auditioning. They should be stylish, comfortable and fit well. Also, wear stylish comfortable shoes. For women, jewelry and other accessories are a plus.

5. Prepare a bio card and resume to give the people holding the audition. The bio card should be 5 x 7", and have your photo, plus your age, height, eye color hair color and dress or pants size listed at the bottom.

Read more http://www.ehow.com/how_2309718_prepare-singing-audition.html#ixzz1lPw7CVAB

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