09 February, 2012

Japanese Singing Sensation

Thousands of Japanese fans were shocked to know that their top teen singing sensation was a computer generated hoax.

Named Aimi Eguchi, this digital singer made Japanese fans wild with her songs and pretty face as part of the 61-member supergroup band called AKB48.

The starlet was a computer generated image of the 6 most attractive members of the group. Her voice was also computer generated auto-tuned actor’s.

The revelation of fake picture perfect pop star has created more than enough stir among thousands of Japanese fans. It had become one of the hottest entertainment news in Japan following the release of the news.

It was known that Aimi joined the musical group AKB48 early this year. AKB48 makes daily performances at a theater in downtown Tokyo, helping popularize the group among thousands of teenage Japanese fans. This group also stars in a hit TV show in the country. It is understood that thousands of Japanese teenage girls regularly compete to become part of the group.

Japan’s Daily Mail reported that Aimi has a wholesome life, into sports and competed in track and field, and that she’s from Saitama, Honshu.

Diehard fans of AKB48 soon noticed that something was not right when Aimi soon joined the elite members of the group weeks later after signing in. AKB48′s management company offered an explanation initially by saying that the girl is real and that she did not take the 12th generation audition, making her an instant part of the group.

The hoax was unveiled when a website released a video showing how the producers of the show composed her features digitally.

Basically, the video shows how graphics experts studied and imitated facial features of the 6 attractive members of the group who performed a candy advertisement. The experts took images of the nose, mouth, eyes, facial outline, hair and body, and even eyebrows and merged them to create Aimi.

The same video was also posted in YouTube.

While this may not be the first time that computer generated images of pop singing sensations were revealed as hoax, this case has created more than enough publicity because the AKB48 has already managed to create an attractive image for its fan base.

It is known that are a few bands in Japan made digitally and shown in TV shows through the use of holographic technology. Although this does not constitute a criminal act anywhere, fans become agitated most of the time to learn that they have been fooled.

by hurvee http://www.article.ws/japanese-singing-sensation-a-digital-hoax/82432/

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