07 February, 2012

Ideas For A Better Future;music And Singing

It wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself feeling down-in-dumps these days. The global recession has brought many a great man to his knees and has claimed the lives of quite a few. It’s all rather scary, really. No one would blame you for feeling frightened, depressed and possibly even desperate. Society continues to feed us with value systems that are based on what we have instead of who we are and then, economics comes along and takes it all away.

And when that cycle of fear and despair begins, your thoughts begin to revolve around these sentiments and a negative cycle can begin, which is dangerous. Negative thoughts that are repeated to oneself will turn into negative actualities and if you’re not careful, could set the pattern for the rest of your life. 

While the world seems to be falling victim to prescription drugs and celebrities and those less well known are dropping like flies, the world collectively raises its hands in despair. Need we be tied to the pharmacy to make us better? Is the only cure to psychological problems in a pill? I think not. We have all read that meditation and a positive attitude will relieve you of some of the distress of depression and in some cases, even cure it. Deep breathing, positive mantras and a happy disposition will go miles to help you. 

But what if you’re one of these people that find it hard to concentrate for long enough to meditate, or maintain a mantra for minutes? And what if it’s a struggle to keep that positive attitude? (And I know, it is hard) Well, there are some tools that are do-able and practical and really work. And singing is one of them. Hear me out.

Proper singing needs deep breathing. Deep breathing is a key to meditation and other relaxation techniques, and you can't sing well without it. When you sing you naturally develop this skill, without having to think of it. Physical benefits, while pretty dramatic, are really just the beginning. Singing brings happiness for other reasons that have less of a biological basis. If it’s happiness you’re after and need ideas for a better future, this is a good one to begin with.

Some of the greatest connections between singing and happiness are more mental than physical. They're harder to measure, but just as significant. Singers will be concentrating on their music and technique throughout the singing process, and it's hard to worry about things like work or money or family problems when you're actively concentrating on something else. So singers tend to have a built-in "stress-free time zone". Learning is also part of the process -- learning new songs, new harmonies, new methods of keeping tempo. Learning has long been known to keep brains active and fend off depression, especially in older people.
Singing will lighten your heart and your load and anyone can do it. Whether it’s a choir, in the shower or karaoke, if you’re looking for ideas for a better future, open your mouth and-SING.

By: Maureen Stevens

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