24 February, 2012

How to Sing Soprano

Soprano is the highest range in music. Sung almost exclusively by females or young boys whose voices have not yet deepened, the soprano range is quite challenging. If you're interested in singing soprano, follow the steps below.

Determine whether or not you can sing soprano. Talk to a music teacher or singing coach in your community and ask them to determine your voice part. The four basic voice parts include soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The music teacher will do some voice exercises with you, having you sing various scales and notes in different parts.

Learn the range. Although there is some variation, a soprano singer's voice ranges usually ranges from middle C to high A (one octave above middle C). A soprano singer who specializes in opera music often has a range extending to soprano C (two octaves above middle C).

Join a choir to practice singing the soprano range. If you can't find one, contact your local music club, a nearby church or a community club.

Enjoy the fact that you get to sing all the good parts. As a soprano, you get to sing melody more often than the other voice parts. Plus, human ears hear higher pitches more clearly than lower pitches. So, altos, tenors and basses often provide harmony throughout many songs while sopranos get to shine in the spotlight.

Consider singing solos or duets. Because the soprano voice part usually carries the melody, most solos and duets feature a soprano singer.

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