11 August, 2011

How to Apply Moustache Waxes

Bad hair days are not reserved for your head. Unruly hairs in your moustache can detract from your appearance and the perception that others have of you. In the same way that hairspray, gel and mousse can coax your hair into submission, moustache wax can likewise tame the tresses located above your lip. Whether you have opted for a dramatic handlebar, a bushy walrus, or a more conservative style of moustache, styling wax can enhance the look you have chosen.

1. Wash your moustache well and brush or comb through it thoroughly. Allow hairs to dry completely before applying wax.

2. Place a small amount of wax onto the pad of your index finger.

3. Rub your index finger together with the index finger of the opposite hand to warm up the wax.

4. Use both fingers to spread the wax onto both sides of your moustache.

5. Smooth and shape the hairs according to your preference. More intricate styles or longer moustaches may require more wax for effective shaping.

6. Use a tissue or paper towel to clean any remaining wax from your fingers.

Thanks to eHow.com