06 May, 2011

How to Safely Hide Your Precious Metals

If you are in physical possession of Gold and Silver coins, bullion or any other type of precious metal you will want to be absolutely sure that they are securely hidden from anyone that may want to take them from you. This article will give you some ideas on where to start.
1. The very first line of defense is to shut your mouth. If no one knows that you hold precious metals they will not come looking for them. Once you keep quiet we can now start researching real ways to hide your precious metals.

2. We are going to start with places that I would not hide precious metals:
i. Safety deposit box. If someone else is holding your metals this means you are not.
ii. Free standing safes and lockboxes in your home, office etc. If a thief finds your safe consider everything inside gone. Safes and lock boxes are the first things thieves go for and can be easily broken into or stolen.
iii. Obviously dont leave valuables right out in the open.
iv. In your automobile. Cars are not very secure and can be easily stolen or broken into.

3. Some of the most inconspicuous places in your home are the best. We will start with the kitchen. You can hide precious metals in a spare bag of flour, sugar, cans of coffee, boxes of corn starch etc. Most common thieves will not think to even look in these places. The freezer: You can hide precious metals in a block of ice, a frozen turkey or chicken. Be creative.

4. Living room, Bedroom, Closet. These are great places to hide your valuables. Hollow out a table leg or a lamp. Peeling up the carpet in a corner of the home to hide coins is a great way to secure. Deep within a air vent is a good place to hide from prying eyes. Some have gone as far as cementing a floor safe in the closet with a fake floor covering the safe door. Under sinks and within utility closets, using hollow pipes bolted into the wall containing your valuables is cheap and inexpensive.

5. The Garage. Here is a excellent place to hide anything valuable. You can use a hollowed out washer, dryer and or water heater. Buying hollowed out dummy breaker box made to look active(adding switches wires, etc)hides precious metals extremely well and no one would be the wiser.

6. The yard. Who knows how many fortunes have been buried in backyards all across the country. Sealing up your valuables to protect them from the elements and placing into some metal piping. After being sealed up bury your pipe next to sewer and water lines. Common criminals do not have the time or effort to dig up your yard.

We have covered just a few ways to hide your precious metals. So use your imagination and almost anywhere can be a great hiding place if you think outside of the box.

Credit to eHow for the tips.
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