11 December, 2010

Your Beauty Makeup Tips & Tricks

Not every woman looks best in the same color makeup palette. The key to the perfectly polished look is to know what colors work best for personal skin tones and to avoid using too little or too much makeup. By playing up the most flattering feature, it is possible for every woman to accomplish a beautifully finished face.

Play up Most Flattering Feature

For a perfectly polished look, a woman should pick her best feature and play it up. The other features should be more understated, while still polished and pretty. Choosing one feature to focus on creates a focal point and draws the eye to the most flattering feature in a subtle way, if done correctly.

Fair Skin

Fair-skinned beauties are most flattered by sheer colors. Lighter earthy tones and soft pastels will accent the eyes without looking overdone and garish. Pinks and lavenders are pretty on fair skin. Make sure that you use concealer sparingly, or eyes will look more baggy and tired. Eyeliner can be tricky on fair-skinned people. Use sparingly and avoid harsh colors like black. 
Cheeks look good with sheer pinks and light peaches. 
Often, black mascara is too harsh for lighter skin tones. A brown/black will give dramatic contrast without washing out the fairer skin tones as straight black can.
Fair-skinned women must be particularly careful when choosing lip color. The wrong color can overwhelmingly wash out an otherwise flawless face. Pinks, peaches, orange-red shades and some shades of purples will complement cool, fair skin. 
Foundation is another problem area for fair-skinned ladies. It is very easy to choose a foundation or powder shade that is too dark for their delicate skin tone. Check foundation on the face, not the wrist or hand. Also, check foundation in natural sunlight. Foundation should appear natural while evening skin tone.

Medium Skin

Medium complexions have a bigger range of color choices. Earth shades and jewel tones accent eyes effectively. 
Olive and dark greens, dark grays and browns also effectively play up eyes. For cheeks, plums and corals highlight good bone structure. 
Medium skin tones offer a versatile color palette for kips. Pink, red and bronze colors work well for medium skin tones. A touch of clear lip gloss in the center of the middle of lips gives the appearance of a full and perfect pout. Make sure to purchase lipstick and lip liner at the same time to coordinate shades effectively.

Dark Skin

Darker skin often requires darker colors and heavier application. For eyes, tanned beauties should use smokey colors like gray and charcoal, as well as colors like brown and shimmery shades of bronze and silver. Darker tones allow for more experimentation with mascaras, and non-traditional colors like navy and purple can be very flattering. 
Sheer blushes don't always create the desired effect, so darker-skinned women should pick a blush or bronzer with more pigment to highlight cheeks. Orange blushes do not flatter darker skin tones, so they should be avoided. Natural colors, earth tones and bronzes are more flattering makeup choices. Many times a bronze highlighter will give just the glow that dark skin needs to be fabulous.
Lipstick color should also be dark. Blackberry, caramel, bronze and red will create kissable lips.

Ethnic and Olive Skin

Neutral and natural color shades provide a flattering palette for ethnic skin tones. Dark blues and purples flatter eyes. Metallic shades can also be flattering, so long as the pigment is dark enough and can create a dramatic focal point when used correctly. The exotic colors of ethnic skin can create a canvas ripe for elegant, dramatic eyes. 
Cheeks look pretty in plum, terracotta and chestnut shades of blush. Light pinks and peaches are not flattering to ethnic skin tones and look unnatural. 
Plum, berry and brown-reds paint a pretty smile. True red shades without brown or bronze undertones will make ethnic skin look unnatural and unsettling.

 Thanks to Mona Rigdon for these awsome tips