24 December, 2010

Find a Last Minute Gift

Find a Last Minute Gift
Have you ever had your gift shopping done, only to realize that you need something last minute for someone and don't know what to give them? Many times it isn't the expense, it's trying to find the right gift for the right person that drives you a little bit crazy. Here are some last minute gift ideas, some you may already have on hand, and some you wouldn't have ever thought to give.

Give the gift of attention. Handmade coupons good for evenings of babysitting are great for new parents. Coupons for window washing or some other household chore that everyone hates to do are always welcome. Coupons for a special date night are great for spouses. Long distance phone cards are great gifts for those away from home. Having the opportunity to talk to loved ones can be a comforting gift.
Be practical. An under-bed storage box filled with supplies is a great gift for older relatives or those venturing out into the world on their own for the first time. Fill the box with useful items such as light bulbs, tape, pins, paperclips, extension cords, tacks, nails and screws, a flashlight and batteries of all sizes. You can even add a tool set for mini-repairs.
Gift a nature gift. A window sill garden kit is great for shut-ins, and an herb garden kit is wonderful for someone who cooks.
Food is always welcome, especially if it is something you know they like, but won't buy for themselves. Special cheeses or chocolates, caviar or champagne or even a gift certificate to a restaurant they may not be able to afford are great gifts. Wine drinkers may covet a certain bottle of wine and beer drinkers may like kits to make their own.
Gifts of knowledge or information are usually appreciated. Calenders with birthdays and anniversary dates filled in are helpful, as are boxes of all-occasion greeting cards with stamps included. Books on favorite subjects or places they would like to go are also great gifts.

tip from CC Brackman