08 November, 2010

How to Pick Carpet Colors With Decor

Choosing the right carpet color is an important decision for the overall feel of a room. Usually carpet is used to insulate and make a room warmer in colder climates. Other times carpets serve the purpose of making the design of a room softer and more comfortable to walk in barefoot. Whatever your reason for laying down carpet in a room, choosing the right color becomes easy when simple elements such as pre-existing color themes and the purpose of the room are taken into consideration.

Make a list of the colors that are already present in the room to be carpeted. Oftentimes sofas and bedding have fabrics that lend themselves to different color coordination, in which case you can write down these options in order to look at what colors either complement or contrast them in the color wheel. The wall color also plays a major role in the choice of color for the carpet.
Take your list of potential colors, and use the color wheel to see what colors complement your choices. Light brown or beige is a favorite for carpet color, but if you have chosen a more unusual color and are afraid to use it, think of picking a soft tone of that color, which will give the room an original feel, without making the color stand out.
Observe the lighting in the room. Dark rooms rely mainly on artificial lighting, which may alter the shade of the carpet color chosen by darkening it or making it seem colder, if the light source comes from fluorescent lights. Natural light, on the other hand, may wash out dark carpet colors over time, especially if the sunlight hits the carpet directly. Take a sample of the carpet color, and look at it in the different lighting options the room has to offer to get a better feel of what the color will eventually look like in the room.
Consider the purpose of the room to help you decide if your choice of carpet color should be light or dark. Dark-colored carpet makes anything that isn't dark, pop up. This includes animal hair and pieces of trash. If the room is intended for a children's room or a family room, dark colors may not be the best option. Light-colored carpet shows dirt more and is not recommended for a room that may be close to the yard or other outdoor areas of the house. Carpets that have a mixture of light shades of beige and brown tend to be best at hiding dirt and are ideal for multipurpose rooms.
Make your final decision and visit your local carpet supplier to see the different options in carpet they have, based on your color selection.
Tips & Warnings

Remember, if you really want a carpet color that does not match your wall color, you can always change the wall color to match your carpet color choice.
Carpets come in various materials and finishes that may make the same color look different. If shopping online, ask if the carpet supplier can mail you samples of the carpet before you place a final order.

by Ana Cassis from Ehow