19 February, 2012

Find Your Natural Singing Voice

Every person has a natural singing voice, with a pitch and tone unique to each individual’s vocal qualities. Once you identify your natural singing voice, you can use it to project your voice and sing with confidence. To learn how to find your natural singing voice, you must learn how to breathe correctly, using your stomach muscles to control the speed and depth of your breathing. Learning the proper form requires practice, as you train yourself to gather and use your breathing in a new way.

Sit in a straight backed chair, with your feet flat against the ground and your arms by your side. Lean slightly forward, placing your elbows on your knees and lifting your hands upward, placing your chin in your palms. Stay in this position as you practice your breathing techniques.

Concentrate on your breathing. Keep your shoulders and chest still as you breathe, while watching for your stomach to extend outward slightly. Keep your breathing slow and controlled, and pay attention to your body movements as you inhale and exhale. Relax the muscles in your body, especially in your chest and shoulders. Let your breathing occur naturally.

Open your mouth slightly and hum a few lines from a simple song, such as a Christmas carol, birthday song or church choir song. Listen to the sound of your humming. Increase the volume of your voice, humming louder and projecting your voice across the room. Continue listening to the sound of your voice, the way it projects and the notes your voice makes naturally.

Stand up and continue the exercise, still paying attention to the posture of your body, the speed of your breathing and the way your stomach extends as you inhale and retracts as your exhale. Continue breathing, mimicking the body motions you made while you sat in the chair.

Begin humming again, while you are standing, with your mouth slightly open. Listen to the sound of your humming, as it should sound the same as it did while you were sitting, if you are using your stomach muscles properly.

Sing the words to the song you were humming, focusing more on singing the words in your natural singing voice rather than on singing in the correct key. Remember that the notes you sing should sound similar to the sound of your humming.

Read more  http://www.ehow.com/how_12060560_natural-singing-voice.html#ixzz1lPxDcOAy

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